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The “Stoned Ape Theory” turns 30
and gets a sexy new look!

OCTOBER 28, 2022

Transforming Orgasms with Psychedelics Cannabis Science Cover 1920x1080.png

SMITHS FALLS, ON - Adjacent to the Stoned Ape Theory,  a new sex-based hypothesis has been proposed for the coevolution between humans and psychoactive plants, and fungi, The Sex, Drugs, & Rhythm (SDR) Theory of human evolution.

  • Featuring 75+ peer-reviewed studies, TRANSFORMING ORGASMS with Psychedelics, Cannabis & Science takes an anthropological look at our relationship with psychoactive plants and fungi.

Did the instinct to become intoxicated evolve as part of natural human mating rituals? Did early humans' having sex on psychedelic mushrooms inspire the invention of music?


30 years after it was first proposed by Dennis and Terence McKenna, The Stoned Ape Theory of human evolution is more popular than ever, thanks in part to the vocal endorsements of Joe Rogan and Paul Stemets. Despite strong pop cultural support, the scientific community has never taken the idea very seriously, until now. 

“This history is clear that cannabis and psychedelics were made illegal largely due to their sexual enhancing properties. We need to face this ugly history head-on to have an intellectually honest discussion about ending drug prohibition” -  Emily Morris

“The fact that cannabis and psychedelics can radically enhance sexual activity is well-established science. It’s time for the scientific community to grapple with how this fact pattern should impact our understanding of human evolution.” - Nathaniel Morris


Authors Nathaniel and Emily Morris have a combined 30+ years as thought leaders in the cannabis and psychedelic spaces. Nathaniel's work with cannabis and rare psychedelic plants has been profiled on The Discovery Channel, Medical Jane, High Times, Third Wave, Microdose-Psychedelic Insights, MSNBC, PBS, and more. Emily was recognized as Miss High Times 2012 by High Times Magazine, where she had the opportunity to immerse herself in different cannabis cultures around the world. Over the last decade, she has had experience within both the legacy and legal cannabis markets, along with skills in cultivation and education. Emily is currently working as a cannabis subject matter expert at one of the largest cannabis companies in Canada. The two were early pioneers in the study of rare cannabinoids and have been trailblazers in the use of biometric sensors to study the lesser-known phytochemicals found in cannabis and peyote.


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